Driving around, seeing the same houses being built over and over again, the same gardens and parking spots: is this not mundane! Are you not tired of this? 100% of houses on a street are exactly the same; people once in their life or never get to have a house that is designed by their own ideas or tastes. The more awful architects out there, the more they will continue with this through the years. However, is it worth it? Imagine a world where you can get a house design with everything you want, this is the future now we are able to do that at an affordable price. Only we are able to these. Together! Are you with me? Do you want to join the future?


Drago Design wants to design your future house, by your own tastes. This company will revolutionise your experience of home living and will create the perfect personalised home, designed by the best architects. As people start to move house more and more, they can get a design that will be the design they always wanted. After they get the design of their house, they can build their dream house. With you coming to our company, there is not going to be a problem or idea too big or too small; we will still design your house with everything you want in it. For many people, the hardest thing about starting to make a design is the cost of it, and that is where we come in. Our house designs are at half price each than the usual ones. However, if you buy two house designs, you get the VAT off of both of them. Drago Design will charge Β£16,300 for a small house design, Β£28,400 for a medium house design, and Β£61,600 for a large house design. My company likes to offer our customers more chances of affording a house design. To find out more visit www.dragodesign.housedesign.com there you can book appointments and find out how to get a design.


This is just the start of Drago Design! As the company grows and more people want a design, we will be able to start designing more plans and make our customer’s designs quicker and more complex! I fully believe that if we are ready to get many customers and raise the money, my company will be able to create another company to build the houses. If you already trust Drago Design, then you will trust the next company. If you agree with my company, if you believe that it is trustworthy, if you believe that I am right and the houses are looking the same, then you have the chance of having your own house design specialised for your tastes. Thank you for listening to me explaining my company; I hope that you are as excited as I am.

Well done Andrei! You have worked hard to use the Y6 skills and persuasive techniques to engage your reader. A superb display of your writing; well done!Β