The art symbolises how important the nurses actually are and you can also see in the picture there is a bin and inside there is two superheroes Batman and Spider-Man. Usually the heroes would save the day, but this time the NHS nurses are saving the day even if they don’t want to.The artist who has created this masterpiece is called Banksy. The reason why the cross is red is because he wantS us to focus on it and show just how important the nurses really are and our eyes get drawn to the cross.Banksy hoped he brightened up the day. I know this because he also left a message saying I hope this brightens up the day even if it is in black and white.I think the techniques he used are shading and maybe sketching . Personally, I like and I don’t like this image.  I like it because it’s a positive message, but it makes me feel sad as well because it’s black and white.


Beautifully written Matvej! You have really thought about this piece of work and you’ve shown how it makes you feel.