When I am out of school I talk to my family in a different language called Russian and to get better a speaking Russian my parents ordered a Tudor for me so I could speak more fluently and read write better. I have a special passion for my other talent that I have is my marshal arts club that I go to called judo I started around 4 and a half years ago I like going there because they teach us a lot of cool tips and tricks and also I can see my friends that are there.In addition, I also play football in my free time and play football a long time ago but I did not know how to play properly but after time I started getting in to football and now I know how to properly play football.

Loves and passions

To be honest I love lots of things, like my dog because he always makes me laugh.one of my passions is judo because I am really good at it and the second passion is climbing I can climb very good IΒ  really like climbing because it is very fun for me and if I’m sad climbing or football helps because those are the things I like doing but the thing I like the most is my family if something happened they would try to make me laugh and ask what the problem is.

Dreams and aspirations

When I am older,Β  want to be a photographer because I find it fascinating and challenging to get the right angle and if I become a famous photographer I could get money my family think this is a perfect fit for me. Thinking ahead to secondary school, I hope to work hard and get good grades so I can for fill my dream job of being a photographer.I also hope I find new friends so I don’t feel lonely.