This is a piece of art by a Graffiti artist called Banksy. This represents how NHS workers are the true heroes to our world. They can help anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The techniques in this artwork are beautiful, it looks like it has been sketched so when I found out it was graffiti I was amazed. The strokes for the hair are fine but they are dark enough that you can see them all,the shading for the dungarees go from hard to soft to create an effect that the dungarees are worn. For his face Banksy has added a shadow which comes of the nurse onto the boys face.

This piece of art work has specifically been drawn to ‘’ Brighten up your day even if it is just in black and white’’ . The superhero’s are in the basket because superhero’s are not real, they may save the world but they are fictional characters. However, nurses, doctors anyone who works for the NHS is a true hero, I can prove this as they are saving our world every second of every day.

The medical cross on the nurses uniform is in red because Banksy wanted it to stand out. He wanted it to the part people notice first. The part that draws the eye. Banksy wanted the nurse to stand out because they are important. They are a hero, all NHS workers are. They are health hero’s. I think he wanted people to notice how important they are, and how they should be an inspiration to us.

Further questions – How long did this take? Where is it?

This is beautifully written Iliana! You have truly analysed this piece of art work and made some thoughtful observations and questions. You have also shown your Y6 writing skills!! Well done.