As Coraline mysteriously got attracted by the avalanche of different colors, she started crawling through the tunnel to the other door which was slightly open. When she arrived at the other end, she felt a bit scared and nervous as she saw the room looking better than in the real world. Then, after she came to the other world, she heard singing in the kitchen. This has never happened ever in her life. Getting closer and closer, Coraline saw her mother in the kitchen cooking but she didn’t know that she was her other mother. When she turned around, Coraline was shocked to see her other mother wearing buttons instead of eyes, so Coraline shouted at her and told her that she is not her real mother. The other mother laughed and told Coraline who she really was she also told her to go to get her other father to dinner she said that he was in his office. Walking into the office, Coraline could see that her father’s office was all magical and neat but there was one thing that made Coraline worry, she knew that her father didn’t know how to play the piano, but her other dad said that the piano played him!

Interesting description Andrei! You have explored using adverbials to extend your ideas! Well done.Β