Coraline walked down the old and chipped steps. Meanwhile, the wind was blowing through her short, blue hair as she looked at the grey, dull scene that laid in front of her eyes. She walked to a nearby bush, the only colour in the garden, and pulled out a fairly long stick. Pulling the leaves off it, she ran ahead to a path as a mangey cat followed. As the cat and coralline stopped, the cat nearly slipped off the mini cliff, which he had halted at, sending a rock falling in front of Coraline’s feet. Frightened, she called out to see who it was and as they didn’t answer her, she threw a rock at where the cat was standing. In agony the cat screeched which creeped Coraline out so she sprinted away. As she sprinted on, she stopped at a weird-looking tree stump. Ending up in the mysterious, dark, and lifeless woods, she saw the cat reveal its identity. She shouted in anger as she was angry he scared her. As she was distracted being angry at the black cat, a mystery motorcycle started revving and flew out of nowhere over the mud and nearly landed on Coraline. Fortunately, it missed her and landed on the nearby tree stump. It removed the skull mask from its face revealing a harmless little boy. What will happen next? Will they become friends or enemies?

Beautifully written Kaliya! You have used a range of Y6 writing techniques to make your writing interesting and exciting! I love the hook – I want to know more!