Some weeks ago, we were (and still are) learning about a text. The text was about a king handing his children a very gigantic present, a dragon. We are recently following the question, ‘Is it okay to own something dangerous, if it could help you one day?’ He might have handed a dragon to show how powerful they are going to be when ruling this kingdom.

I have to disagree on him giving the dragon. Having a dragon in your kingdom can destruct they city. Causing too much damage to things or citizens, it will be risky to own one. It might lead to serious injuries, or it might break things such as couches – it can scratch walls or break houses. Sure, it would be cool to own a dragon but might reveal dangerous threats and injury towards people. It can break into houses, it can break houses, and that could put you in jail. Or your giant friend (the dragon) can get lost.

Following from my first point, it still does not feel like a good idea. As it may have a terrifying appearance towards little children. I still disagree with the father. A fearsome and giant creature can not teach children valuable life lessons, but instead looking at them being silly and the dragon thinking that they are doing the correct thing in life. The king thinks he can rely on the dragon to make the children responsible and sensible. As a matter of fact, it can not do that. The king is most likely hindering them.

I think I made some clear points on how a dragon is not safe, but dangerous for the children in the castle/palace. Also, for the father making the worst decision for his kids, as it will cause extreme damage to everything in it’s way. That is my opinion, what is yours?

Well done Claudiu. You have made some valid points when arguing our key question. I can see you have tried to experiment with word choices and sentence types. You have included all of the key paragraphs needed for this text type – good job!