Chapter 1

Lunar was living a happy life, as you may know. Her family, Jamie and Lily were happy too. For now.

“Lily, me and Dad were wondering if you would like to go on a camping holiday? After all, the forest is only a 15 minute drive away. So, what do you say?” asked Lunar. “Are you kidding?! Oh my gosh thank you!” squealed Lily. “Don’t get too excited. It might not be what you think, remember on every holiday you get bored.” exclaimed Jamie. It was true, they had been to Malibu, she got bored, they had been to Dubai, she got bored, they had been to Barbados, she got bored. The only holidays she does not get bored at is camping ones.”I am going to start packing right away. How long are we there for?” asked Lily. “3 weeks” replied Lunar.

Lily started to read the brochure. It sounded perfect. They were going to stay in a lodge, it had a skylight in the kids bedroom, which was perfect as Lily loves space and the sky. There was a play room for Lily, and a chill out room for Lunar and Jamie. They would be staying there for 3 weeks, Lily could not believe it.

It turns out that Lunar and Jamie are familiar with this place. Really familiar. Back when Lily was not around, which was about 8 years ago, Lunar and Jamie worked for a group called The Honoured. The Honoured is a group of secret agents handpicked by The Queen herself. The real reason the family were going on this holiday was because Lunar and Jamie had to have a meeting with The Honoured so they could get back in buisness, and make arrangements if Lily joins the team when she is older. Lunar and Jamie have not been working because they need to take care of Lily. But when Lily turns 9, which is in 2 weeks, they can go back to work and The Queen agreed to look after Lily as Jamie used to be one of her guards and Lunar used to live there because if it was not for Jamie, Lunar would not have a home or the happy family she has now.



Chapter 2

It was now 1 day until they leave for Berry Forest, where The Honoured HQ is based, and things were starting to get stressful. Thank god Jamie’s sister, Zoe, was in town for 3 months and was able to look after Lily during the meeting. Isn’t it funny how luck is just following this family wherever they go. It will probably be with them forever, or not.

The next day….

This is such a fun day, Lily had thought. In Berry Forest, the sun was shining, the scent of the mild nature breeze blew right past there noses. There was so much to see and do. It was a quiet afternoon when all of a sudden they heard a big bang. “What was that!” cried Lily. Jamie looked out the window. It was the Beast Boys, they are a group of men that are pure evil. They are The Honoured’s enemies. “Its happened” remarked Jamie. “The Beast Boys?!” whispered Lunar. Lily just stood there like she was about to faint. They were so lucky Zoe came through the door a few minutes earlier. Zoe was part of The Honoured too. “Lily. Run, and take all your stuff. Find a different home, because these guys now know our location.” remarked Jamie. “What about you, mum and Auntie Zoe?” asked Lily, now crying. “We can fight them off. Just grab your things and go. Just know, we may never see you again. Goodbye hun, we love you in all our hearts.” replied Lunar. “I love you guys so much too. Goodbye Mum, Dad and Auntie Zoe!” cried Lily.

Lily had ran for hours, only knowing she may never see her family again. She stopped by a somewhat familiar house, and asked for shelter. A young lady answered the door. “Hello, my name is Angelica. Are you ok?” as she said this Lily fainted into the house. She woke up 2 hours later and saw Angelica, with a young man. “Please help me. I had to run from a forest with really mean looking men. They shot my Mum, Dad and Auntie. They called themselves the Beast Boys they were really- hey are you ok” asked Lily after explaining about the Beast Boys. Angelica and the young mans face looked shocked. “We will take you in, by the way, my name is Mike” said the young man. From that day forward Lily lived with Angelica and Mike. They were so caring and were always there for Lily. Although Lily still is confused about whenever she mentions the Beast Boys they look shocked and they go pale. Isn’t that strange. Probably just a coincidence, she hoped.



Chapter 3

It had been a week now since Lily had been with Angelica and Mike. Earlier in the week a police officer went to the house and asked if Lily lived there. When they said yes they said they needed to talk to her. Sadly the news had came through that her parents and aunt had died, and that she was lucky to escape and find this home. Why you may be asking? Well that is because it turns out they are not ordinary people. Angelica is Angelica Salek, from Henry Danger and her friend Michael Jordan the former professional basket ball player. As Angelica and Michael now had to go back to America, Lily went with Angelica and was her number one. Lily even managed to meet her celebrity crush, Jace Norman, Angelica’s old co-star. Things were just so perfect now. They now live in HollyWood, and Angelica signed a form to officialy adopt Lily. Now Lily is 15 and is friends with lots of celebrities because of Angelica.

There is a moral to this story, if things are bad, you can turn them into something way better.

The end, or maybe not yet!