“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Professor Magnor. “Yes, everybody despises me.” replied Lunar. Professor Magnor closed her eyes and pressed the big, red button.Wolf ears and a fluffy tail grew on Lunar. Lunar started to howl. She finally felt like who she was meant to be, although it felt a bit strange. What would her mother think? Lunar decided to head home and reveal who she is now to her nasty mother.

As she got home, her evil mother was on the phone. As Lunar walked in, her mother put the phone down and scowled at Lunar. “You are still a disgrace, get your things and go!” shouted her mother. Lunar was actually kind of happy, because her mother had abused her for years. This was because when Lunar was five, her mother cheated on her father. The family was very rich then. Her father found out and left with all the money. The mother takes it all out on Lunar.

Lunar walked and walked until she lost sense of time. Somehow she ended up in front of Buckingham Palace as she fainted. A guard off duty saw it all happened and rushed to save her. Once he finally woke her up, he introduced himself. “I am Jamie, you are?” he asked. “Lunar, my name is Lunar.” she could not help but blush as she replied. Jamie took her to Queen Elizabeth to see if she could stay there. “You may stay here until we find you a home.” Queen Elizabeth remarked.

One night, at the palace, alarms went off and Lunar had jumped out of bed to see what happened. It was Professor Magnor. It turns out she was evil. Lunar floated up into the sky and sharp claws had come out of Lunar. As Professor Magnor was about to swipe the crown, Lunar punched at her and pinned her down. The guards grabbed her and took her to the dungeons. It was such and excitable but terrifying night.

Since then, Lunar and Jamie hung out everyday. As they grew older, their love for each other grew too. One day Jamie proposed to Lunar and they got married. Lunar was living her best life. It was amazing. Professor Magnor and Lunar’s  evil mother paired up and were now slaves for a royal family in India.

It turns out this was just a dream, as Lunar’s real, kind mum had woke her up. As Lunar woke up, her mother screamed. She was very shocked. Lunar still has her wolf ears and tail. Her mother rushed out the room in tears. Lunar kind of loved being her wolf hybrid form though.

The end, or not.