When I woke up I didn’t feel like this is going to be a normal day, but I still went with it! I’m not a different kid than anyone  else my name is Ashley and I have a brother Ash he is just like my best friend we do everything together, But somehow we have the same luck which isn’t the best luck, Sadly but I live like this now I’m use to it. My father died when I was 5 and now I’m 16 my mother abandoned me and my brother when I was 4. Well I’m going camping tomorrow…..               Next Day.

I met my friends at 7 am at the park we all headed to the taxi, Although the taxi driver warned us “be careful you might not make it out of there” he explained but we didn’t care so then we arrived their the whole place was ruined. We set up our tents I was sharing mine with Clementine she has a really unique name. We walked in our tents and changed in our pjs then we walked outside to the campfire, Suddenly I saw  David coming out of his tent with  unicorn pjs we all laugh that our tummy’s hearted.

The next day Walker came up to me  since it was valentine’s Day He asked me out I got so stressed but I said yes! He was so happy and I was happy with him after that happened we went to the forest near by, Suddenly some thing hit me and I fainted. The moment I woke up I was in a cave with all of my friends except my brother, “my brother is missing” I shouted thinking that someone took him we all looked around the cave but there was no sign of him, unless he was at the end of the cave.

There was nothing else at the bottom except of dead bodies when I looked behind me I saw Amy falling of the small plank that we where all standing on, I ran to her! But I was to late….. she fell I saw my best friend die in front of me I thought to my self what else can happen next? While I walk on the small plank to the other side I  see a hand stretching out trying to break the plank i run to the other side while knowing that we could fall and not survive any second now I finally make it to the other side. I stop the bloody creature from devouring my friends luckily I got their in time after a short second I realise that it was my brother not being him self! After, a while I see that he starts to loose energy I grab him and silently start to sob I don’t understand why this happened to me. Is my life gonna get any better from now?….