welcome to camp green lake

paragraph 1

Imagine a place ,a place were your child  can enjoy the beautiful camp green lake . would you rather get your children go to prison   or Camp Green Lake .Take a moment to consider about your child go to Camp Green Lake, it is a good place to go to the warden will take care of them  they won’t have time to be bored because they will  be digging a hole.

paragraph 2.

This place  really exist and your children can go here  ,it is called Camp Green Lake . a beautiful ocean of blue sky above the : there  is not a gray cloud in light . there is no one there ,but maybe you  can come the sand is white and the temperature is like 35oc .  The journey is not as  long . but there will be bus waiting for you .  you would have a lifetime of the heat  ..

paragraph 3

How our Camp Green Lake it is different to the other JCF (juvenile  correction  facilities)  you may be asking? well here  at Camp Green Lake  your child will love it there because  when the bus gets there it  might take 9 hours . but their will be a tablet or they can bring there own book  when they get there ,  they will  unpack  there  bags  and   in   a cupboard  and   they will have to dig a hole  when they do that the can get  the day of or they can get in the shower or the  bath  all day .


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