Have you ever wondered what your heart is?                                                                                             your heart is a vital organ to your body and it is essential to life because it keeps your blood pumping around your body. If you didn’t have a heart you would honestly die. Your heart is the most important organ in your body and it beats around 10,000 times a day and around 2.4 billion times in a lifetime. Your heart transports about 2,000 gallons a day.

But the real question is how does your heart work?                                                                                    It all starts when your red blood cells travel into the right atrium and travels through a passage called a valve to the right Ventricle , from there it travels in a vein ( A vein is for non oxygenated blood) to the lungs, the blood cells bounce of the sides of the vein and all of the oxygen particles stick to the blood cells then it travels to the lungs to collect some more oxygen and then it heads down a archery (an archery is for oxygenated blood) and back to the heart. When the red blood cell reaches the heart again it travels into the  left atrium and again through a valve to the left ventricle from there it travels down an archery to give another part of the body the oxygen it needs for example the foot. When your red blood cell reaches the foot the oxygen floats off and carbon dioxide sticks to the red blood cell and then the cell travels up an archery and then the cycle continues.