The Piano

The old man is sat in a room; a darkened, isolated, empty room. His mind is full of solitude, loneliness and depression, while playing a sad, but sweet, melodic tune on his ancient piano. As the old man plays his song, it echoes throughout the building.

Looking down at his wrinkly hands, he realises the precious, valuable wedding ring on his finger. This comes to one of his special memories of his life, the wife. He looks back to the times they spent together, and were always there for one another.                                                                                Out of no where, the illusion of the man’s dear wife appears, sitting next to him on the piano. This was a memorable moment!

As his beloved wife kisses the man goodbye, the man is reminded of a similar kiss before he left the war. Suddenly, he is running across hell. The battlefield was like a graveyard, full of dead bodies. The gunfire is like a toremting rain, shaking like an earthquake on Earth.                               As he runs behind the walls, the man’s friend gets ferociously shot by   the enemy. Feeling the guilt inside, the man could not fix his passing friend, even though his job in the army is a medic, and dies in the his arms. This was a tragic moment of his life and will not forget this memory.

Turning back to the piano, his tune becomes lifted into the sky as he continues.                                                                                                 As his last memory, he thinks about the years of when he was younger. This memory was something which really meant to him.                               When he was a young, healthy, energetic boy, he remembers his wonderful present he got for his birthday. As he opens the box, he finds a hobby horse. Without a doubt, he grabbed it immediately and started to play on it. It was one of his light-hearted gifts which lifted up his spirt when becoming sad.

As the man became older, he started to find all of his love; his wife, his children, his grandchildren, and so on. The man grew up from the hobby horse, so instead of having to throw it away, his generous heart decides to give it to his grandson, named Harvey.

A few moments later, Harvey joins his grandad on the piano.                     While sharing his memories, the smile of both Harvey and the man appear to an end……..


By Vicky