The piano BIG Write

Once  upon a time ,lived a old man called Jeffrie and he found a old piano he was ,all alone  his wife died . Jeffrie lived with his little son called Bob he always used to play, calm melodic  music Jeffrie and Bob lived in a very olden day house. Jeffrie used to play the piano ,most of the time Jeffrie sits in a dark pitched room. As the man was playing a dusty old piano then all of a sudden ,a dark shadow appeared and ,it was the ghost of his dead ,wife she kissed him on the cheeks and then she disappeared in to the dark. The room is as dark as a black pitched sky.


The man had a flashback, when he was in the army Jeffries friend was called William and William got shot, in the army and Jeffrie tried to save him unfortunately William died. Jeffrie continued to live with his son he used to take so much care of Bob.william is dead at  war.


After, the flashback (memorial) Jeffrie came home, with a fake horse what you can sit on and ride it. Jeffrie brought the toy for Bob opened the gift and he took the horse, out of the packaging Bob started to ride the horse, all around the house. After, Bob finished playing the horse Jeffrie and Bob ,went in the dark ,room to play the piano. Jeffrie and Bob lived happily ever after.&


By Ishan