Should Lady Macbeth be charged?

Some people believe that Lady Macbeth is innocent due to that she has such a white heart and did not commit the crime.This is believed because she has not murdered anybody but only planned it,she did not force Lord Macbeth to commite this crime.Further more,the trio of witches was responsible for letting them know that Lord Macbeth will be King.

On the other hand,other people believed that she was responsible for this hideous crime because if she did not  try to convince her husband to doing it then King Duncan will be still alive.According to our results,it has been reported that a witness has over heard a conversation of Lady Macbeth scheming about a plan of murderering King Duncan.

On balance,the evidence suggests that categorically determines that Lady Macbeth was over all the most responsible to blame!

Guilty as charged!

From Lord Qian Qian(War hero)