Diary of the wimpy kid review!?.

first they introduced the main characters in the film which are the mum,dad,manny,Greg and Rodrick. Next they went to a restaurant and they were using a devices and they got told they weren’t aloud to use it so all of them put it in a bag. Then his little brother manny got stuck in a slide and his brother Greg got him out and he got a diaper on his hand. Everybody was recording him and started to call him diaper hands and Greg shouted It a diaper. Then they went back home and the next day they went on a road trip and they weren’t aloud to use there phones.
They  stoped at a shop and Greg and rogrick went to go shopping they go told to get stuff on the list but they got what ever they wanted. Then it got dark and they went to a hotel to stay the night.when they were asleep they woke up Greg with a bang from outside. Greg went out side and they kept on banging with a trolley then they hit there dads car and blamed it on Greg. The man tried to get  greg and he ran away and went to find Greg. The bearded man went back in to go sleep and Greg went into his house by accident then he got in the bed.then they both woke up at the same time and they both started screaming and the bearded man said WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE and the boy Greg got away. His family said where were you and he lied by saying I went for a jog in his pants
they got back in the car and they started to get back,this time they stoped at a shop and the parents

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