The sun starts to rise as spring’s sunshine;unable to move. The ice melts, of the glaciers making my way down to join a run-off with the others.

Making my way down to form a stream was hard, joining the others in a large group to make the Tuolumne river what’s going to happen next.

We were in the Tuolumne river suddenly, we were meandering gently through the Tuolumne Meadows we were done. I thought.

Going over the Tuolumne Falls there the water has a much faster and quicker paste (danger was on the way).

we continue to flow through the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne cascade over several different waterfalls we were tossed around up and down tumbled side to side until.

Passing through the O’shaughnessy Dam going out of the boundaries of Yosemite I don’t even know where we are now.

After leaving Yosemite we made our way across the central Valley of California where us the Tuolumne river joins with the San Joaquin River.

It then continues how long is this going to take as we went to the pathific Coast where we creates delta. Deltas formed when a river deposit sediment faster than it can be removed. They are often very fertile which means we are good for growing crops.

There’s a mouth of the San Joaquin River which lead to the pathific ocean there the water becomes part of the ocean it also carries sediment like soil and small Stones with them.

Finally we are nearly finished the last step is we are at the end of the canyon and we widened into Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

And in the water we go.