Trees disappear

Madagascar is bleeding

Make a change now


Leaf – loser

Tree – taker







Spreading across

Animals losing homes

You can still make a change

So join


Did you know

Everyone should be involved

Forests are dying

Overly disappointing

Really as if no one cares

Every tree matters

So are we going to stop

Trees are what we need to live

And we need to do something about it

Trees waving until they get cut down

It’s killing our world

Of burnt ashes

Need trees to survive, you need to start caring before it’s too late


Never ignore the fact this is happening

Every time trees get cut down

Everything is disappearing and we don’t want that

Dead is rising to the point where it’s too much

See, forests needs to live


Time is running out but you can still do something about it

On the trees where animals live are now gone


So join the army to stop this

To end all of this and continue on living

Own the victory of fighting and joining the army

People will join and you can to.


Super poetry Elise and I particularly love your acrostic poem. It reads like a chant to change the world- very well done. For each poem, can you make sure you are punctuating these with a comma at the end of each line and a full stop at the end of the verse. Also go back through your cinquian poem, making sure you follow the rules for syllables in each line.

As an uplevelling target, could you add some more lines to your kenning poem, but make these alliterations as well?