Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?

For the last week and a half, we have been answering different questions like: was it a good idea for the king to buy his children a dragon. The reason the King gifted his children a dragon to his children because no one can deny that a dragon was a powerful ally. Dragons are not humans they are only animals, also they can be very daredevil. As they are only animals they act differently than humans (they don’t talk, they are not as smart as us I .reckon, they don’t understand us and we don’t understand them). They can be as huge as elephants so they can be heavy, they can break things easily. They can breathe fire so they can put the castle on fire. Also, they have a lot of rough things on their body like teeth, horns, scales so the children can cut themselves.

I am on the fence with the following question because the King was right the dragon can save their lives but also it can hurt them or kill them. My first reason for this is that the dragon is massive, high risk, very courageous, and tough. It was kind of a good idea because I read online that dragons can take one hundred or more hits of spears or guns to his body and nothing will happen. I also believe they don’t really fit into your house or room because of how colossal they are so you will need quite a big space to keep a dragon so a castle is a perfect place to keep one because then I look at a picture a dragon is two times bigger than a full-grown adult. Finally, I know that a dragon doesn’t care where it is if it doesn’t fit it will brake something so he can go throw and might break the whole castle and everybody will die. Also, it can accidentally sit or stand on the children and squish them.

Following on from this point, it doesn’t make sense to me to gift someone something reckless, even if it could help them one day. The problem of having something dangerous for protection (like a dragon), is you never get protected because a dog would protect you but a dragon doesn’t know how to. The king isn’t protecting his children here; he is making it harder for them to be protected. He isn’t teaching them valuable life skills and show them what real life is like. Therefore, in the long run, this will not keep the children out of harm’s way as the king had hoped.

I know that many people think against this, but I think that I have given many reasons why it is not okay to gift someone something dangerous if it could help them one day. Until this is disproved, the King should have bought his children something so they know how to keep safe like download an app on an electronic device that shows you to keep safe. After considering the points I have made, and the evidence I have given, what is your opinion on the matter? Do you think it is okay?

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