Coraline enters the portal to the ‘parallel’.

As Coraline tries to sleep through her first night in her lizard-infested-new-home, she hears a faint pitter-patter on her floorboards, instantly causing her to sit-up straight. Looking around, she couldn’t find anything, until she looked down, and under her bed, it was a rat. Seeing Coraline, the rat started to pitter-patter away, out of Coraline’s reach, until she opened the door to see where it was leading her, without any second thoughts about it.

A large creaking sound echoed throughout the house, Coraline had noticed that, but carried on, but her walk became a tip-toe. Edging into the living room, Coraline proceeds to follow the rat, but she starts having second-thoughts, it might be going into a place she couldn’t get to, but Coraline carried on. Unknowing, that the rat would be the one that couldn’t get to that place.

As the rat runs away, Coraline get’s distracted by her doll-it was in her room, how did it get there? Before Coraline could ask that question herself, the doll was pulled away, as if it was dragged away by it’s legs. Consumed with curiosity, mixed with some fear, Coraline looked round the corner to see a large, rectangle box propped up onto a wall. Giving up, Coraline realises her second thoughts were right, until she saw it in the corner of her eye, the mouth of a very, small door, that Coraline knew she could fit in. Moving the box out the way (more like throwing the box away) Coraline pulled open the door.


The second Coraline wedged open that door, a black tunnel, speckled with blue and purple areas stretched out in front of her. It caused strong winds, immediately hitting Coraline’s face, waking up her tired eyes, and pushing back her pure black hair.

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