Coraline finding the magical garden.

Coraline stepped her house (with her pajamas on) outside in the cold wind to the garden. As she walked it was possible to hear the old wooden steps creak underneath her body weight. When she walked on the muddy path she came closer to a rusty ancient gate to the garden. As she opened it three tiny, yellow birds came in flying starting to twit and sing. Coraline started to smile when she has seen the three little birds. The garden was very grey and terrifying but the three little birds started to touch some flowers and they started to have colours. The trees were dead but when the birds touched them they started to grow like the leaves started to grow and the branches started to straighten up. Also, while she was walking throw the garden plants started to grow underneath her and some started to tickle her. Out of nowhere, she saw that her other father was driving a machine (it was a mechanical grasshopper) that spat out seed that makes flowers and then pouring water onto them and they grow instantly just like they would be magic flowers. Coraline really liked the flowers in the garden so she said to him that he has a beautiful garden. The thing that Coraline doesn’t know is that her dad planned a surprise for her at the end and it was that the garden was shaped like Coraline’s head. Her dad looked very creepy because his dad buttons for eyes like very body expect Coraline. Her dad said to go on his machine because he wants to show her something and it was the colourful head made out of flowers. Coraline was very joyful on seeing her head and face made out of flowers and I would be cheerful in my garden would be shaped like my head.

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