Should the king give the twins a dragon???

Recently we came to see a picture of a king gifting his twins with a dragon for their  5th birthday,although the twins will both rule the kingdom together and that the dragon will keep the safe,I think that the king should have thought things through before getting the twins a powerful dragon as a pet. The twins can easily make the dragon turn against the kingdom.

I can say that I disagree because the twins are only 5 and can be very silly and make the dragon do bad things and who would give their 5 year old children a dragon?? They are also way to Little to have a dragon as a starter pet .Although, I do like the idea because one day the twins could be in danger and there could be no one there and the dragon could actually save their life’s.




One thought on “Should the king give the twins a dragon???

  1. Well done Matilda! Some very nice points raised here and I can see you have made use of skills such as rhetorical questions in your work!

    The next step for this piece would be to extend some of your ideas and think about how it is currently structured – Remember a new paragraph should have a new topic.

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