Is it ok to give someone something dangerous if it could help them in the future?

Not to long ago,we saw an image accompanied by a story of a wealthy king giving his children a dragon.He did know about the dangers of giving his children a dragon but he decided it could help them out in the future. That led us to think, is it ok to give someone something dangerous if it could help them in the future.

To a certain extent, I agree that you should be able to give somebody something dangerous if it could save their life in the future. Obviously because it could be more dangerous to do something without it than to something with that dangerous object. If you did a risky stunt then in my opinion it’s completely fine to take something that could help you. However,if it’s something utterly ridiculous then no. How is a dragon going to help you in the future? Dragons breath fire:to protect themselves against people. So giving a child a dragon is just asking for trouble.

There are many reasons to why I agree. Think, if something is dangerous and could save your life one day then it is 100% appropriate. If you are doing a stunt of some sort where it is possible to get stuck and lose your life then it is definitely ok to take a knife with you to cut you free. The fact is if the dangerous thing could kill you but the stunt could as well it is most likely safer to take that thing with you. A knife (Which can be deadly) could save peoples lives in some situations.

All in all, it really depends on the thing you have which is dangerous. Like the dragon in the picture really is never going to be any help to the children. But my example shows where it can be useful. In my opinion if the object could actually save someone’s life then of course it’s ok. If it’s something ridiculous then no it’s not ok. I know many people may not agree with me so what do you think!?

One thought on “Is it ok to give someone something dangerous if it could help them in the future?

  1. This writing has an excellent tone to it Daniel! You have developed your ideas well and extended them with reasons and further explanation! You have presented both sides of this argument very well and used some good comparison points to emphasis the idea you are pushing.

    A next step might be to just give this a check for punctuation as few bits are missing!

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