Is it ok to gift someone something dangerous if it could help them one day ?

Recently,we saw an image with a caption about a king who gave his children a dragon. Despite the knowledge that the dragon was a dangerous gift, he stood his stand as he knew it could help them one day. This led to the recent argument of is it ok to gift someone something dangerous if it could help them one day. In this argument i will be going through my point of view of this argument and whether i agree or disagree to this question.


No one can deny that a dragon is a cool pet and that it is important to keep your children safe , however he could have done this a more safe matter . i belive that a dragon is not a good gift to even in the circumstances it could help them in the future. long term the gift could help them when they rule but the damage it could cause would have a catastrophic impact on there lives. It is like saying that you gave your child a weapon for there birthday and thats not ok. People would argue the same with a weapon that it could protect them in the future but i still feel like gifting someone something dangerous at such a young age is not ok they should at least wait untill they are more grown up and therefore more responsible for there actions so even though it could help them long term is it really a good idea


Following on from the previous point, my next point for disagreeing is that if you give someone young a dangerous thing and you dont teach them everything they need to know when they need to know it then they may find out later on that they actually needed to for example if you dont tell them that they can ruin things then they may brake the house because you never told them. Not only do you have to make sure they no everything you also have to have the right food and a equipment. Another thing would be that if they grow up always with protection around them how are they going to eventually go into sociaty and learn to protect themselves  if they always have protection so its not all such a good idea to gift someone so young something so dangerous.


I understand that there are many arguments for and against this question i have listed many reasons why it is not ok to gift someone so young something so dangerous. I believe that untill proven otherwise that the king should chose a better gift for his chrildren that is more age apropriate that can still work to protect them but not to over protect them.What is your opinion on this arguement? maybe you disagree or agree or maybe you have reasons fore agreeing and disagreeing making you imbetween

One thought on “Is it ok to gift someone something dangerous if it could help them one day ?

  1. As ever, Superb Katie-Anne! You have developed your points well and structured this well. I can see you have also thought to use precise vocabulary and additional clause structures to extend your ideas.

    A next step would be to check this over for spelling and punctuation, however, as you are missing some commas particularly!!

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