Alfie’s first ever lockdown

Dear diary, ever sines when Huntingdon primary school had a lockdown, I felt demolished and lonely inside because I had to leave my freind’s and also I had to leave the hps community but I was warred that the coved-19 was never going to be over , I had an idea , to keep me happy I told my dad to by me a police officer set and my dad said yes but he said “ we can by it tomorrow “ so I said to my self “ alfie your birthday is after April on the 21st of May you will get it then” also I was planing to invite my friend’s over but ourplace when to total lockdown that’s how I got so lonely , demolished… but it’s really fun at home , playing on my iPad, researching facts about rout 66 on my laptop, also watching  tv, and Finley writing and drowning a picture of Texas but I really miss my teachers and normally mr q and I miss all my friends also all the people in school 

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