ansel adams a work of art

ansel adams

The amazing ansel adams, who was a historical photographer of natural envirement was born on the 20th of February of 1902 and sadly passed away on the 22nd of april 1984 when he was 82. Ansel Adams was considered the first recognised photographer who made art out of photographs.  All of Ansel Adams pictures were done in monochrome as he believed colour distracted the eyes from the main focas point in the picture. He photographed many places particularly yosmite national park. He was very good at framing pictures specificualy in el captain winter sunrise where the trees framed the mountains this was probably done using the famous method of the rule of thirds which is a method where you can frame a shot and get the thirds where you want them to be.. Ansel Adams did not give the sky much of a place in many of his pictures as he did not want people looking at the sky he wanted them to look at the actual nature in the picture.

the tetons and the snake 

In 1942 Ansel Adams made a trip to grand Teton national park hense the name where he took an estonishing picture of mountain range with trees and bushes. The snake may sound like a weird name to give a picture however if you look at the shape of the river it is actually shaped like a snake. Unlike in most of his pictures ansel adams gave more of the sky but the amount was still reduced this was probably done to add that touch to the mountains because without skyline it would be weird. In the back of this astonishing photo there is what looks to be like snow caped mountains which just add that bit more fantasy to the picture. located in the fore ground is a river running through the whole picture almost and trees surrounding I imagine if you were really close the trees would be big but from the picture view this looks very small. people say pictures are just a way to document things and yes that’s true but they can also be a way to show art and emotion and this picture gives me very fantasy vibes in the way its shot however other people get very mixed vibes from it. 

El captain winter sunrise 

In 1968 Ansel Adams woke up at dawn and drove up to Yosmite national park where it was cloudy and snowing he then positioned himself where the whole 3000 foot cliff was visible which did not leave much room for skyline and framed this amazing shot as mentioned before with trees. Dominating this truly amazing framed shot there is the 3000 feet cliff called el captain part of the name. he woke up at dawn because he wanted to take the winter sunrise which he got however its not very obvious in the picture. The cliff gives the appearance almost of a waterfall and a splash however it really is just a snow caped mountain with mist at the bottom. This picture because of the dark sense gives some people a gloomy vibe however for me its quite tranquile you can see at the botom that there are many trees located in the foreground that go over to the side framing the shot beautifully. I particularly  like this one just because of the way It is framed just makes me think it is truly amazing. 


I have looked through many of his pictures in this piece and I think he is a truly artistic character and amazing at every aspect of photography. I really like his work although all different they link  and he just gets a grasp on nature in them. Using monochrome does not just make your eyes focas on the main point but it points out detail and allows you to have an imagination of what you think it would look like i think other photographers could have a lot to learn from him and he has certainly made an amazing legacy in these pictures. You may not like them because you may just think there casual pictures however they are a true work of art and would have taken ages to frame. For example in the picture ice on Ellery lake in 1941 this is truly artistic in the way the ice is framed and the monochrome just helps that look. I think ansel adams has truly changed the world of photography forever and made me look at photography as more of an art than before .


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