The scary night of the shadow puppet

Run , after a few minutes the shadow comes back to attack “ you can run but you cannot hide “ the shadow said … the shadow’s name was the shadow puppet , the shadow puppet invited someone else to join in the fun but before that happened the shadow puppet said” I just want to play a game” … , the new scary person came in his name was slender ,the shadow puppet and the slender fame chasing the person “ come back here “ slender said . they both stopped , the slender and the shadow puppet we’re planing something to do to the person suddenly there was a strange voice came across the corridor “ one too I’m coming for you three four open the door hahahaha” what was that  the person said, he looked around the corner and he sore the  shadow puppet so it came chasing the person again, the slender was waiting around the second corner and then the shadow puppet called slender to help him to catch the person so them both got under the floor, when the person came Back to the corridor the slender and the shadow puppet both creaked the door open “hallo who’s there ,show your self now” he went into the room and all of a sudden the slender was in the room “ hallo there , are you ready to get creeped out “ slender said “ no” slender got closer to the person “ ready to play” the person didn’t say anything then he went closer as well “ wll wll wll “ your Finley calmed your self down the person said his name to slender “ my name is bob  , convinced slender … so they teamed up together and went to find the shadow puppet ,they found him and went after him “ come back”  ,the shadow puppet vanished “ were did he go slender” “ I don’t no” they was looking  around the coriander and the corners, there was nothing there  but the shadow puppet umpired behind them and they turned around then the shadow puppet jump scared them … , they ran away the only room they could go in is the safety room and all the aether rooms were locked because of the shadow puppet ,Bob went on his phone “hay!”slender said “ what are you doing, put your phone down , we have to get shadow puppet master oops I should of not said that “ said slender again “ so shadows real name is shadow puppet master, wo I didn’t know that “ said Bob ,in a stressful way slender said “yes just come on “ so they went to get shadow puppet master “ get him “ at last they got shadow , bob said “ let’s leave him here “ suddenly shadow vanished again , they didn’t notice that shadow puppet master vanished “ well

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