My 500 Word Challenge The GoreGaxe By Tyler

“Running, as far as I can. I can’t get away for it, so I ran. This is the end of me and many others! The world is Hell. And im the only one left. Everyone else is gone. And there it is standing in front of me. Glaring  down at me. I can end this. Gaxe Gaxe go back in your hole, you are Hell and the world is gone Gaxe Gaxe you don’t have to do this you smell fear and I am fearless… AAAHH! Now there is no one left. I’m gone and he’s  alone nothin to eat and no where to go. He is going to die… eventually. I just need to wait. With everyone else this ent going to be long. After years of haunting and waiting, he still isn’t gone. We wait year after year, hoping when he dies we dont have to be in fear. More years pass and he is gone. He isn’t dead or we will know. Everyone though we have go rid of him. But if we did we would see him. I was worried that he had escaped my rain of endless suffering that I dawn. I took  possession of rabbit. I looked around but could not find it. I looked around for a couple more days, he couldn’t have gone far he is in a daze. I found him killing a herd of mules. I fount  it was impossible I rained endless suffering opon him. He looks hurtles. He turned around and glared down at me the same glare he did at me all those years ago. But it was different, he was smaller and didn’t go for me. All of the sudden it’s form changed. It turned into a rabbit. Just like me. I was so scared I ran away. But not that far. I wanted to know why it was different. I couldn’t believe it but it was its offspring! GoreGaxes die after giving birth. But where is the farther if it was dead I would see it. I had to banish the offspring. But first I need to find a book with the spell to banish the son of  GoreGaxe. It is hidden at the bottom of the Earths crust so it order for me to get there I need to take possession of a mole. I few hours later I found a mole and took possession of it. And dag down to the bottom of the Earths crust. I took 2 hole days to get to the cave with the book I was looking around the giant golden area. I found the book once I opened the book I didn’t even get to read the first 2 words before getting my body split in half. My spirit rushed out of the body and looked back to see what hit me. It was a giant battle axe that was  swinging by a hole on the roof. I read it and realise it had not done everything wrong, then…


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