Failure Is Not An Option

After many years, the dark , cobwebbed phone rings, “Agent 64, we need you on the field!”. “No!” came the unfaithful response. “Why not?” the disagreeable voice explained. “I’m done, retired!” 64 answered. There was a long pause. Next thing you know, she’s back on the field.

64 is waiting until someone comes. “Weronika, your back!” a shady voice came from behind the short hill. 64 takes her new weapon, but its gone! Trying to swiftly hide, Weronika sees the attacker. She isn’t at all prepared, so all she thinks to do is run as fast as she can!

Back in the high-tech base, the TV turns on, “I’m incredibly disappointed in you” Agent 1 exclaimed, as he glared at Weronika.“They took my weapons, I could have died” Weronika answered “I need backup”. The TV turns off, she doesn’t know if backup is coming. Soon after, it actually came. Meet agent 24, a.k.a violet, she may not be brightest, but definitely a good asset to the team. Her uniform and gadgets are all one shade of a color, guess which one. That’s right,violet! 24 and 64 formed an amazing plan.While gathering different equipment,the TV turns on “New information: the attack is in a week. Your mission- go to the desert , in front of the back up base,while hopefully the attackers are distracted. You need to bring your ear pieces. a bow and arrow,uniform and the new gadgets. Whatever you do, protect the back up base! We’re counting on you girls.”.

Weronika is sitting in the dark room next to the phone. Thinking if she is willing to do this, after the last disaster, she is not sure at all! Agent 24 walks in, “Hey Violet” Weronika says, looking dejected. “Hey, why do you look so down?” Violet answers “For someone who is back in the spy business, with one of the hardest, best missions. You should be hap-!”. “-I’m not sure if i want to do this anymore” Weronika cuts in rudely. There is complete silence, Violet is shocked , she takes something out her pocket… It’s a rock? Weronika looks at it and is incrdibly counfused, someone who is as fierce and rule-breaking as Violet, carries a special rock with her everywhere she goes, Isn’t that strange? “My mother gave me this before she died during a mission in Texas, she said there is another rock , just like this, somewhere in the world” Violet explained with a truely sad voice ,” and that if these 2 rocks are put together, they will unveal why The Horckrluxes have been after us for so many centuries!”. Weronika is pulling something out her pocket, ” This is the reason why i quit in the first place” It’s the second rock! ” I found it on one of my missions, It knew what i was doing at all times, i guess i just over reacted!”.Violet and Weronica know what to do, they put the rocks together.An unbelivebly bright light comes out of the 2 rocks.The tv suddenly turns on ” NO, dont!” Agent 1 screams…

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