Big Write – Letter of Complaint

   Rose Cottage,

Arliefleild Road,



Camp Green Lake

Big Bend Of Texas

Calhoun County


Dear Warden,


I am writing to you say my son ,Stanley Yelnats, is already facing problems and he has not even been there a week yet! I’m appalled, ashamed and disgusted at Camp Green Lake.  He said sometimes the water truck does not  even turn up to give them some water,  and he has to dig holes as well, 5 feet  in every direction and the respect he has been given at ” Camp Green Lake” has been awful

Stanley told me he has been getting blisters upon blisters all of his hands from digging everyday. Why does he have to do it? In the scorching weather, getting sun burned everyday for 18 months. Plus, there is 1 more reason, he has 2 sets of clothes for relaxing and digging. Do you not think this is ATROCIOUS. Isn’t it slavery making young children dig holes?Why do you not make the holes smaller to reduce the blisters on the children hands ? On top of that, my Stanley is out with animals in the desolate desert! Why would you want to hurt my child? Do you think this is appropriate ?

I demand for the children to have a well so they do not have to rely on the water truck to come when they can just fill it up on their  own. Also, I suggest they do not dig because it doesn’t help them become a good boy. They need some protective gear so they do not always get sun burned all the time. and lastly should I hear about these problems again if so we will report you and all of your councillors to the authorities.



Yours sincerely,


Casey Yelnats


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