bang 500 word challenge mission 500

Run was the only thought at mind i was sent here to survive and survive i will. 14 days ago there was  post on social media,peer pressured to volenteer i did not know my fate untill now. Now i am stuck out  here with only  my given bow and arrow and  goodness knows how many days left to survive. I run quickening my pace untill i get to somewhere safe; a ditch with a few broken branches around it just bigger enough for my slim body. there i fall into dazed sleep What awakens me is the sound of birds and the birning rays of sun in my  face. I fall stumbling to the ground i stay there for a moment and  then i run in search for a new place to go and for  food  but all i can see for miles ahead are trees and more trees.

Somewhere ahead i here screaming and slow drips hitting the dry ground it was agonizing me that that might just be me in a matter of time. I hear someone running shouting it all fell silent and at that moment of time i knew she was dead  another person i did not have to kill with my bear hands. I hear for a moment just the sound of trees and then footsteps and someone running in my direction they were searching for me. I tried desperetly for a place to hide i so wish this was a dream but its not its reality and i have to face it whatever comes next. I run in alert that i need water i find water but i have been running for about three hours and the water has barley any surrounding space the atmosphere was quiet and dry. I slowly dip my face in the cool water and take  a sip cant begin to tell you how nice it felt to have moisture drained back in my lifeless and limp body, i felt much better i suddenly felt like i was alive and ready to get at it ready to defeat. I ran back to a hide out just round the corner, finding water took almost a day and now im ready to go to sleep.

what followed was a weird dream where a man was saying you can do it. i woke up and seized the chance for food i shot a bird with my bow and arrow, with the water of yesterday and even the little amount of  food this morning  i felt so ready to hunt down my mortal enemies . I heard faint noises and guessed it was about seven am because the atmosphere suddenly came to life i heard faint footsteps and a group of people saying she over there, they must be alies working together to hunt me down  i have not yet managed to make any alies  but thats not the problem the problem is people are hunting me down and i dont know where to go bang…

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