The restaurant of death

The restaurant  of death

I heard a noise. Then bang bang on my door. I thought it was my mum but then I realized my mum went to Tesco’s 2 hours ago to get pop tarts and anyways it got louder and louder then suddenly the door opened and then there was a mysterious robot in front of me it was like 8 ft. tall and it was glitching and making weird noises like it was malfunctioning. Then it started to talk in a distorted voice “come with me or I will get the others” so my instinct was to follow him. We had been walking for around 1 hour when we arrived at this abandoned like pizzeria called Freddy Fazbears we entered and there were a bunny robot and a chicken like one if you could still call them that but the robot that took me probably wasn’t the leader as there was a golden, tall, chunky bear it looked older than the others. suddenly one of them grabbed me by my hood and took me to the back room with the out of order animatronics and it opened one of the suits and I my 6th sense figured that he was going to stuff me inside it so I ran for dear life they tried to stop me but I was too fast for the big and slow animatronics but then time slowed down they had blocked the door off so I turned around and the slow motion stopped. I then said to myself “was that a blessing “. I ran and ran and jumped out of the window, then I legged it down the street then I heard a crash the leader animatronic came running after me the sound of his large metal feet crashing on the ground was really loud, and weirdly he was catching up and suddenly he turned into a black tinted transparent bear with red eyes and was a lot faster than the bear he was before he was by far the scariest of the lot. I managed to reach my house but with his large metal body he smashed through the front door but then because he was like a shadow he crept up the stairs and flew through the door and lifted me up with one hand and jump scared me and it was so shocking my whole body shut down. Then I was back at the “restaurant” and in the room I was in earlier and I found a hose and sprayed all the animatronics with water and I ran to my friend’s house and had dinner and they still haunt me to this day.

One thought on “The restaurant of death

  1. i think this is really good the only flaw in it was that you moved on from an idea a littyle bit quickly so maybe try sustaining the idea a little bit but apart from that great story

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