The Adventure of Three Friends

Three children lay on the frozen ice like lifeless beings. Suddenly, one figure began to move, his name was Tim, the smart kid. He looked around him and his eyes widened and his mouth dropped, as he stared at this unknown and mysterious world of ice. He noticed his two friends laying next to him, and shook them awake. After some time, both the boys were awake and as confused as their friend. Tim asked Peter, who was known to be a bit of a nerd, so might understand what is going on, if he knew where they were, or how they even got there! With a shrug, Peter sighed and let them knew he was as confused as them. The wind picked up, and the boys all began to shiver in the cold and knew they needed to find somewhere to hide from the freezing death around them. Dragging themselves up, they tried to drag themselves towards a lone, dark cave, which emerged from the ice. As they stood at the mouth of the cave, none of the boys felt brave enough to enter. It felt strange…. somehow. John, the third of the boys, took deep breath and found the courage to step into the darkness.

In the darkness, John continued to walk. Something caused him to stumble and fall over. As he reached out, he found that it was a lantern. John was curious how a lantern could end up in a place like this, but was thankful for some kind of light in this blackness. As he turned it on, the cave was illuminated with a soft and warm light. John realized he was not alone. In front of him he saw, a creature like no other he had heard of before. This was not like any of the animals you could find in a zoo, it was something different….something from another world. The strange being was covered with long white fur, which caused him to blend in to the cave surrounding him. John stopped still. Had the creature seen him? After a pause, he realized that the creature was asleep. Its eyes were shut tight, and its furry chest breathed slowly. Trying to be as quiet as possible, he turned the lantern off and slowly began to walk back towards the mouth of the cave. As he moved towards the entrance, Tim shouted out to John asking what he found inside. John, panic in his face, quickly told him to be quiet and about the monster he had discovered sleeping within the cave.

The boys were as shocked as John was, and decided to run away. But, as John turned to leave, but felt his foot slip on the ice. He fell to the ground, and hit his head hard on the ice. But it wasn’t ice. It was….his pillow! As he open his eyes, he saw his mum in the door way telling him to get out of bed, as it was time for school.

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