Into The Future 500 word challenge

Blackness nothing but blackness. Laying down on the cold concrete as the wind blew through the old wooden window. The gaps in the broken glass, let the the air into the room making my skin tingle. Disturbed, I felt something was wrong… but, what was it? There is nothing but empty space stretched  further and further. I wondered why I had come here in the first place? The house felt inescapable! I could no longer workout how long I had been locked in this terrible place. I had followed the figure into the house, but now it seemed that I was completely along. Until I stepped cautiously out into the hallway…

“Your sleepless nights are coming.” A voice whispered in my ear. I spun around to see who had spoken…but there was no one there! I heard the voice again, this time its deep tone made my spine tingle. “Who are you? Where are you?” I called out, as my quaking voice echoed down the claustrophobic hallway. No reply. All I could hear way own breathe, panting as my heart rate increased. I called out into the dark again, “Who are you? Why are you messing with my mind?” As I spoke…I saw it. A dark shadow moved across the walls. The dark figure looked like nothing I had seen before, an unknown. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I am not seeing things…but no…there is was. The black figure moved towards me, as it got closer, it felt like everything was gone. There was nothing. It passed me, and disappeared into the room across from me. Every part of my body was telling me to run and hide, but I knew to escape this place I needed to find an answer. I took a deep breath and entered the room. There was nothing…then light! A light so bright that I had to rub my tired eyes as it blinded my vision.

After some time, the light began to fade…and as my vision returned I saw that something that seemed familiar. I was back to before the house…I could see…I could see myself. That was strange. wait am I dead?Is this all a dream? I’m confused. I was worried would happen if I saw myself in the past, so rushed off into the house before I could get too close. As I closed the door behind me, I heard my own voice call out to “wait” from the other side of the wooden door. I waited…and I hid.  I didn’t even know  i was starving even though it felt like i was in there for  four years. The only question I have is who was the strange figure I followed and where did that strange figure go?  How did they manage to escape…. was this all my imagination did i do all this was it me… was it myself that i followed  this  can not be real…a whisper saying Diana … I turned around…suddenly it all made terrible sense…











One thought on “Into The Future 500 word challenge

  1. this is very good i like the sense as in you followed yourself home which ive never seen being done before and i like the sense of time travel in the story and its really good in the way its structured and ther language is amazing only flaw is maybe add a bit more confined deatail

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