A mystery in the woods

There once lived a seven year old child named Karol. He liked to eat rice crispies on toast. “I need more rice crispies!” He cried.  He was about to leave his cottage but he hesitated. Tap tap tap. There was someone at his window. Peering out cautiously, he froze with fear. Feeling paralysed, Karol was shocked to see nothing was there. He stepped out of his door and walked down a narrow path leading into a dark, gloomy forest. Rustle rustle rustle. Karol saw a pair of yellow and black eyes staring at him, but not for long .


Karol ran like the wind but tripped over a twig. The eyes in the darkness were edging towards him. His heart pounding out of his chest, he got back up and ran into the forest, not knowing where he was going. Karol looked back to see if the eyes were still there. They were gone. Karol let out a huge sigh of relief. He spun around to carry on his journey to the shop. As he looked forward the eyes appeared in front of him.

Karol thought this would be the end for him. He spun around, and ran for his life (literally). Out of breath, he arrived at his cottage and checked his cupboards. It turned out he actually did have rice crispies in his house. He was annoyed and stressed that Karol had to put himself through all that for nothing. It wasn’t over yet. The mysterious creature was still out there, somewhere in the woods just waiting for him.

“I have to face this myself,” Karol said in a proud tone. He heard more noises like screaming. The yellow eyes were moving towards the door, now at a rapid pace. Karol opened the door then poked the creature in his eyes. It backed off then ran away into the woods. Karol felt like a hero, but deep down, he had a feeling of anxiety.

A month later, the creature arrived again. Karol was now 67 because he didn’t know how to count. The Anonymous being arrived at his door. He opened it then punched it as hard as he could. “What? How…..?” It was a seagull. The creature was a seagull. He shrugged his shoulders, brought the seagull into his house, shoved it in his toaster then spread it on his toast. It tasted nice, just like old, crispy, blended chicken.

The end.

2 thoughts on “A mystery in the woods

  1. it was a great story with a fantastic imagination but the seagull part where you eat it was a little bit weird however it put a nice twist on the story for the reader very good job

  2. it was a good story it was also a bit weird but eating a seagull on toast was a little gross but funny and you used good imagination

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