The Circulatory System

Have YOU ever wondered how YOUR body works? Well lucky for you I know all about the circulatory system,(mostly about the heart)! Your heart works all day everyday even while you are asleep.The human heart is a vital organ, without it you would die.In your blood there are tiny blood cells called, red blood cells! So want to dive into the strange but fascinating world of your body?! Many people would argue that the heart is shaped like this: ❤️ but unfortunately it isn’t! although you CAN feel it beating want to try? Put your hand in the centre of your chest that hard bit in the middle is actually your sternum bone that is where your ribs connect,now, go to the left a bit and you will feel a weird sensation that’s your heart beat! If not then …… go seek medical attention,unless I’m talking to a spirit then go to the doctor.Anyway your heart pumps blood around your body that is packed with nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. We have little highways in our body called ‘arteries’ they carry blood away from the heart to the body cells, we also have ‘veins which do the opposite, veins carry blood from the cells to the heart, and then we have capillaries’ they allow food and gases to move in and out of the blood.

Blood starts it’s journey in the right atrium of the human heart. Our heart is split into several main chambers each with their own responsibility and function. Within the atrium, there is a special valve that controls how much blood is in the heart at a certain time. When blood is passed through this valve, it travels into the right ventricle. At this moment in time your heart muscles contract and pump the blood towards the lungs to collect the much needed oxygen for the rest of the body.

After a short journey the blood arrives at the lungs.This is where the red blood cells collect oxygen.Then the oxygen is then taken back to the heart. Here the heart must perform its function once more, to make sure the blood reaches the rest of the body. It enters through left atrium, where it once again passes into the left ventricle through a special valve. The now oxygenated blood is once more sent rushing from the heart to the rest body, when the heart pumps. The blood can now travel down arteries as it is full of oxygen and nutrients that are being taken away from the heart.

When the blood arrives at its destination, it delivers the oxygen to organs, muscles and other areas that are in need. While it is there, it carbon dioxide and delivers it back to the lungs to get rid of it as it is unwanted in the body. So that is the circulatory system…………weird I know but without it you wouldn’t be alive. FUN FACT All this that I have just told you happens quicker than you can blink, and a blink takes 400 milliseconds!

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  1. You’ve explained the circulatory system really cLearly. Amazing that it all happens so fast and we don’t even know about it!

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