The piano

The man was sitting in an empty room, which was like his very blank mind. He was playing a sweet, mournful, solitude song. He was all alone just playing the piano in a dark room, it was like the deep depths of his mind. His bony fragile fingers, swiping the priceless piano.

As he played the beautiful song, he comes in contact with his wedding ring. He is simply reminded of his wife, whilst playing the solemn song. He remembers the time his wife kissed goodbye, as he went off to war. 

As soon a s he knew it he was running as fast as a race car in a battlefield as a medic. Gunshots and bombs were booming and bashing in the background and as his friend lept out to shoot, his friend fell to the ground. The man did all he could to save his friend but he was out of time. His friend was dead, and the man felt guilty for it. The battlefield was a graveyard with tons of dead body’s. 

The man was back out of his memory’s and was still playing the piano. He suddenly went into another memory.

The man was now a boy and was opening a new birthday gift. It was a hobby horse and he played around on it. Then the man was out of his memory and his grandson was in his hobby horse. Than the boy got on the wooden bench and watched the man play the piano.








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