Is lady Macbeth guilty for king Duncans death?

Lady Macbeth’s question has been asked  for sentarys. Some People think that lady Macbeth killed king Duncan on the other hand some think she didn’t kill king duncan.  The reasone why people think she killed king duncan was because she toled Macbeth to kill king duncan.

i think lady and Macbeth should go to jail because lady Macbeth helped Macbeth kill king duncon .i thought it was a bit weird because they didn’t chang there clothes  after killing king duncan . King duncan planned a party for every one to come to so I thought he planned the party to come to because one of his nights have told him that Macbeth is going to kill him that night




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  1. Some good opinions well done.

    Read back through and edit your post so that your spellings and use of capita all letters are correct (T31)

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