The life of J K Rowling

May 3rd, 2018

J K  Rowling was born on 1965 July the 31st and raised in Yate England. She was bullied in school and she went to school at St Michel’s Primary school. She also went to Moray House school of education.

J K  Rowling Heard the name potter and was inspired to be a writer at the age of 6 where she wrote a short book about a rabbit. Her mother gave courage to become a writer. She was inspired to write Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone when she at a train station. She wanted to write it but she didn’t have a working pen and she was to shy to ask for one.

In 1990 J K Rowling lost her mother and she felt sad and that’s the reason why Harry Potter sees his parents in the Mirror Of Esriel. 

In 1991 she left England to get a job in Portugal and she met her first wife Jorge Argates  and they had a girl named Jessica. However after a couple of years they had a argument and they broke up, and she took the child. 

In 1993 She went back to England and tried to finish off Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone but she also went to coffee shops to finish the book off.

After she finished Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone she got a agent called Christopher who spent almost a year trying to get a publisher because 13 Publishers rejected the book and didn’t want it. Soon he found a publisher who wanted to see it and weeks after that she began making other Harry Potter books and at 2006 she finished all of the Harry potter books from Philosophers Stone to Deathly Hallows. She still made Harry Potter books though. Also after she finished the series she also wrote some sort stories too. 

Now she lives in Scotland with her 2nd husband Neil Murray and has three children on the banks of the river Tay.




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