About the different planets in our Solar System

May 3rd, 2018


Some People say the sun is a planet but it is a star, the sun is about 149.6 billion meters away from Earth! Even though the sun is so far away it can still burn our skin. Thats why the moon looks bigger that the sun but really the sun is the biggest star.


Venus is tho most hot and cold planet, when it faces the sun it is hotter then boiling water when it doesn’t face the sun it is as cold as a freezer. Venus takes 247 Earth days to fully turn. Venus is also called after a Roman goddess. The main colour of Venus is blue, brown, yellow and green.


Mars is one of the most planets which has the most volcanoes and high mountains. Mars is the second smallest planet before Mercury. The reason why Mars is red is because the element Iron and Water,which  makes the reddish colour. Mars is also called a Roman goddess.


A saturn day is 10 hours 32 minutes and 35 seconds, Saturn is the most least dense planet in the solar system. Did you know that Saturn had 62 moons? Fun fact: You can see Saturn with a telescope and a clear night sky, if you see a ball with small dots around its what Saturn looks like. Saturn takes 29 earth years to do a full rotation around the Sun, Instead of the 365 days/1 year turn for Earth.

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