Hogwart invitation – make your own story…

April 18th, 2018


One magical night,  I  ( Harry Potter) was staring at the plain ceiling with hardly anything was happening. Nothing was really happening. There was a full moon giving a silvery grin through the dark clouds, Wolves were howling and racoons scampered across the road. At the moment, in 4 Privet Drive, nothing with optimism happened in a long time. 

Shadows pranced and danced like ballerinas in the majestic moonlight. It was a bit like being in a prison cell with nothing to do. But with only a bright room full of happy memories floating like ghosts.



Feeling very blank, I gazed at the moon with complete ponder. In a sudden, screeching and flapping with no rhythm at all came a parliament of owls. Will I be attacked by owls? Will this be the end of my life?

Within a blink of an eye, I hid under the cosy duvet. As fast as I cold I yelled my prayers.

Flapping and screeching stopped, so I decided to once more gaze out the window daydreaming. The owls were inside. I froze. Then an owl that was using his talons gave me a letter from Hogwarts.


What will happen to Harry Potter now? It is now up to you entirely.

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