Mog’s Christmas calamity

January 3rd, 2018

On Christmas Eve night, everyone was dreaming sweet dreams except Mog – Mog was having a terrible nightmare. Mog was waging his tail and it knocked over Christmas cards and the cards knocked a ball. The ball turned on the oven. Mog jumped onto the oven and all the pots and pans fell off.


After that, Mog leaped onto the table. As he was getting onto the table, knocked everything off and smashed it. Like fireworks, the chestnuts were popping everywhere and shattering everything it hit.

Then he broke a lamp and jumped onto a clock that then fell over. Thankfully Mog was okay.Mog ran outside and stopped the fire engine that Mog accidentally called when he stepped across the table.

When the fire fighters went inside, they found a burnt turkey in the oven and they quickly put it out. Everything was destroyed they thought they had no Christmas.

They thought their Christmas was ruined but their neighbours shared their Christmas with each other.Finally Mog got his egg.

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