January 3rd, 2018

It was Christmas Eve at the Thomas house.Every one was having sweet dreams, every but Mog. Mog was having a nightmare. The children were dream about what Santa might bring them. Mr Thomas was dreaming of a new bat.  Mrs Thomas was dreaming of something else.

Mog had a nightmare. He was dreaming he was flying and evil robins were trying to bite him with sharp teeth.

His tail  got caught in a Christmas light. It turned on the oven .Mog opened it and black smoke cam out of it .Mog accidentally dialled 999, it answered. He climbed onto the table knocking everything down from it.

He jumped on the fan and it started spinning, going round and round. Mog couldn’t hold on any longer. He slipped off and onto the clothes.

Mog fell on the clock, which fell on the Christmas tree. Mog jumped off of just in time onto the presents. The light bulbs blew and then the tree fell down on the floor.

Mog runs away but he heard a noise. Then back home the fire engine followed Mog to the,mrs,Debbie and Tom got out safely

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