Mog’s Christmas

January 3rd, 2018

On Christmas eve, everybody was  sleeping and a cat called Mog was having a nightmare. After that, Dad  was dreaming of a new bat . Also mum was dreaming about something else. Then Mog woke up.

After that Mog stepped on the telephone and  the chestnuts were popping like popcorn. Also they were popping everywhere, then Mog ran away .

Then the fire engine came and suddenly  got the turkey out and sprayed  it and said to Mog, “Did you do this?”

Then they looked at the mum and dad then they walked away .

Everything was destroyed and there was no Christmas  for them and then mum started crying.


Afteer thaat evry one serrated togher and they were siting all around the tables and in the end mog gets his eggs















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