My Party

This is a blog post about what happened at my party! Enjoy! First I shall introduce the guests, Rose, Ellie, Lilly, Daisy, Maisha and Sophie. We all met at the cinema but Maisha was running a bit late so I opened my cards in the meantime. I got £10 out…

My party poem

Soon it’ll be my party. We might even have Smarties. Summer, Sharine and Maisha. Cause I said “I will invite ya”. We’ll play a game of Countdown. And at night we’ll wear our night gowns. There’ll be a sleepover. I love my friends and they love each other.

Chinese Day

The Great Wall of China is over 8 thousand ml big The Chinese people Han lanterns because to sellebrate chinese new day  

My Chinese Day

So to get things started, I’m Sharine, and I’m going to be telling you all about Year 4 and 5’s Chinese Day – Enjoy! To kick things off we looked at our TimeTable to see what groups we’re all in, I was Group 1, there were 6 groups. Group One…

Chinese day!

On Chinese day we did lots of activities these are what we did tea tasting, making a Chinese lantern,panting wilo patterns, learning Chinese words , making shadow puppets and dragon dancing the thing which I liked the most was making lanterns it was a amazing day on Friday.  

Traveling to the saturn.

Midnight ,time 23:30 year 3089                            “Time to go jack “said Ben. “Are we in space now?jack asked.” We made it ” .”hello team we have a mission for you”the radio said to the crew.”ok what’s the mission…

Chinese day

On Friday 17th March 2017, Year 4 and 5 had Chinese Day. My group, group 1, first made lanterns that were easy to make. After that, we tried Chinese tea but it wasn’t very tasty. With it we had egg rolls and cake. After break, we painted willow pattern plates…

Chinese day

On friday 17.3.17 year 5 had chinese day. we didn’t have golden time but it dose not matter  we tryed chinese   tea mrs dealany favorite tea was lapsong souchong  my favorite was the jasmin tea there was the 2 other chocie oolong and chinese green tea 

Chinese day !

Chinese day-17/3/12 On Friday years 4&5 took part in six actives,I was in group 4 so  first I did the dragon dance. I got left behind as the last lesson was willow plate,I panited to doves . My favourite lesson was easy Chinese,Charlie and Ellie mai tested me and…

Chinese day

My favourite activity was Chinese lamp making because they looked like real Chinese lanterns. I wore a ninja outfit because my mum put a dragon on the back. I found the tea tasting interesting because  i liked the oolong tea and because it was fun. I would like to learn…