What is classification?
In 1735, Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus first published 
a system for classifying all living things. An adapted 
version of this system is still used today: The Linnaeus 
System. It is used by sorting animals into groups; for 
example, a dog is a mammal because it has lungs to breathe
,they are warm-blooded, they can live outside of water, it 
gives birth to live young and feeds it’s young using it’s own 
milk. Frogs are amphibians because they have four legs when fully
developed, they can breathe underwater for an amount of time 
and are warm blooded. They are sorted into different groups 
because they are not like each other. Dogs are warm-blooded 
but frogs are cold-blooded, dogs have fur and frogs don’t.


How are living things classified?

Animals are classified by being put into groups: mammals , amphibians ,
reptiles , birds , fish , and insects. Amphibians have four legs when fully 
developed. They are cold blooded and can breathe underwater for an amount of
time. Reptiles lay eggs and are the most lived species on the planet. They
do not birth live young however, the do lay many eggs at once or a small 
period of time. Birds are warm blooded most can fly , they lay eggs and have 

Fish V.S insects?
They are both cold blooded and lay eggs. However, the way they display their
eggs are very different. Fish hide them in the sand whereas insects hide them
under leaves. Fish live entirely underwater and have gills and fins so they can
breathe without lungs like humans. Insects have an exoskeleton but fish don’t 
and fish  have a back bones insects don’t.

Mammals: horse, rabbit, humans… 
Amphibians: axolotls , frogs , torrents… 
reptiles: turtles , torrents… 
birds: bluetit , kite , ducks…
fish: carp , tuna , sea bass…
insects: flying ant , lady bug…

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