What is classification?

Classification (sorting) is when you put animals in different groups based off of their characteristics, looks and what they do and eat. However, you can classify anything, it is not just animals.

In 1735, a Swedish Scientist, known as Carl Linnaeus, first published a classifying system for classifying all living things. An adapted version of this system is still used today.

A specific classified animal group is a mammal. Mammals are a big group, since there are different types. Like for example, some might have big legs and some might have short, and also some could live in water and land, but are still warm-blooded

How are living things classified?

Mammals – they all have lungs and are warm-blooded. They can also live in land or water. Most mammals give birth to live babies, but there are very little that lay eggs. Example of ┬ámammal animals: Lion, cat, dog, monkey, humans, hamsters, Guinea pigs, hedgehogs, etc.

Amphibian – cold-blooded vertebrates that can also live in land or water. They begin life with gills but lungs develop as they grow older. Animals: toad, scorpion, frog.

Reptile – cold-blooded vertebrates that have dry, scaly skin. Usually, they would lay soft, squishy eggs on land. Animals: Newt, crocodile, tortoise.

Fish – cold-blooded vertebrates that live entirely under water that lay eggs. They breathe the oxygen from the water with their gills. Animals: tuna, shrimp, sand dollar, eel.

Bird – Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates that have feathers that they use to fly with. They also lay eggs in their nests that they make out of twigs, and they make it in trees. Animals: Eagle, swan, goose, parrot, crow, etc.

Insect – Invertebrates with six legs and generally one or two pairs of wings. Animals: Fly, butterfly, grasshopper, ant, etc.

Mollusc – Invertebrates with soft, unsegmented bodies. Many have a hard-outer shell. Animals: leech, snail, slug.

Crustacean – Invertebrates with an exoskeleton, many legs and an antennae. Animals: crabs, etc.

Echinoderm – Invertebrates with spiky skin. Animals: starfish, sea urchin.

Annelid – Invertebrate with no legs and a segmented body. Animals: earthworm, etc.

Myriapod – Invertebrate with many legs and body segments. Animals: centipede, etc.

Arachnid – Invertebrates with eight joined legs, as the front legs are sensory. Animals: spiders, tarantulas.

The most popular classification group is Insects. Scientists say that over 1 million species of this group is live, living in this planet.

However, the most strongest animal group is mammals. That is because the most deadliest animals lay in this group, such as lions, gorillas, tigers, etc. However, there are other extremely dangerous classification groups.

Another dangerous group is arachnids. That is because they produce very poisonous venom that could kill a human in minutes, or even seconds.


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