19 Dec 2018

Women In 1900

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By Sarah.Z

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These women had to do all this work because they could not do anything else .


During the 1900s , women were  not allowed to vote . The suffragettes had a huge debate in London to find out who the Prime Minister was . These women  did this because the Prime Minister promised women that they could  vote but he forgot about the promise , and that is when it all got out of hand . After the prime minister said no to the women , Miss Pankhurst stood up to everyone and the women marched into battle like a whole load of soldiers . The women were known a “not smart ” , that is why men did not let women vote . These Women were as brave as a lion stuck in a net , but what if  the men start fighting or what if the women make men be not allowed to vote then they will know how we felt .


Inside the women’s feelings were defeated but they never gave up .They fought for their freedom and justice . They felt betrayed and hurt , they knew that they needed to make a change , they knew that there would be consequences. After the “debate”  , Miss Pankhurst was ashamed . Some women were imprisoned including her. She was the only one who did not get special treatment because she let it happen …


In my opinion , the women did the right thing but the Prime Minister should have kept his promise. The women are clever and  now a days women have jobs but i do not understand why they couldn’t have jobs in the past and even when they could have jobs why were they still  payed less. But now everyone gets payed the same according to their job . Can you believe that women could not do anything but get married and do jobs around the house ?

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