19 Dec 2018

the suffragetttes movement

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Picture of women protesting for the right to vote in elections


In the 1900s,  through  Hyde park London, towards Buckingham palace there were a crowd of women as courageous as a  solider ,  fighting for the right to vote in elections for prime minister . They were marching up and down protesting for the rights for women to vote .  The men did not care because they thought they were not clever and stupid . The women  were doing this because at this particular time only rich men could vote in elections and because they were rich they were picking people who would make them more wealthy not who would own the country  better. These women  were called suffragettes. The suffragettes had to suffer  this and have to live with bad prime ministers and people who could not own the country but just make the men more wealthy . For hours they would have to go through Hyde  park protesting up and down the streets   for the rights for women .Maybe one day some time they would have the right to vote and it would become fair for every body .


These women had feelings but the men did not care. The women were feeling exhausted and tired but all the men did was brag about how wealthy they were and how they were better. So the women went on day by day doing this feeling small and depressed, more and more by the hour. As days went by, they started gathering a little bit of hope, however, still the men did not care. And even though the prime minister had said to these women some day they could have their say but however hard they tried to have their say, he would not let them.  He had broken the promise .Because of this, the women started to loose there hope and started getting more depressed  and small, as the prime minister, the person  in charge, had broken the promise. Some of these women had children and were in need so if they had a say they could have more chance of getting a better prime minister who would help the needs of these families and help them  get food and what they need .

I agree with this because all people need a say in the vote to make shore its fair for every body. Imagine a place where women were not allowed rights ,no right in a say , no rights to do anything. Imagine if you could not be allowed to make choices how would you feel? This is what these women felt in this time in life . now we have thought about  what they had to go through think about what you feel about this now. I feel sad and upset that not all people in the 1900s could vote. Its not fair because if you don’t get a say then only men can make the choices of what you have to do and you have to listen to  all this rubbish  about you . I don’t agree with men because women are not stupid at not clever even though I get that little kids don’t get a say I think women over 18 should get a say because its not fair if we don’t its not fair . We should not have to protest we should not have to fight because all should be calm and every body should get a say .







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