19 Dec 2018

The Suffragettes

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The women’s are voting for other women’s so that they can get there freedom.

The truthful suffragettes wanted to vote for the women because it is not fair that men can vote but not women.When the women told the Prime minster that they wanted everyone to also vote for women.The Prime minister did not make his promise.When the women gathered in a big space, one of the women shouted we should not give up and do all the hard work like cleaning,cooking and not getting paid much as the men. I think now is the time we march to Buckingham Palace and tell the Prime Minster if we women vote like the men.

When we march in Hyde Park near Buckingham Palace  we will stand in one straight line and shout to the Prime Minister and say. “Please help us Prime Minister let women vote as same as the men” But the men will just lock the women into the prison. So in the next year they will be out of the prison. But in the next the three months the  women will try again to get want they want but it turns out to be horrible and end up in prison again. But when the years change  the women will be in prison and there would be a lot worse  when the years change.

But when they stand up to the men they will never give up and up to there freedom  and what they want to get .But now days  women can get there freedom and as a Prime Minister like our London Prime Minister. So it is very fair that women’s and men’s can vote so everyone who are men and women  can get paid as the same amount  and the men and women  can have a great life being together and   having everything the same.Men and women can relax together.

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